Issues With Hormones

Many people are affected by this condition, and there are number of causes that are less of more scientifically proved. Hormonal disorder should be taken seriously because that is an illness that will determine your further life and physical activity in one way to slow it down.

Hormonal imbalance

One of the most frequent problems gynaecologist encounter in practice is a different manifestation of hormonal imbalance.

There are two most common types: occasional lack of period and irregular bleedings. In this article, we are going to show you the connection between running and keeping the regular body weight and gynecological health of the women, primarily the good work of sex hormones.

Late period?

The lack of period with young and healthy women is usually a sign of pregnancy. But what happens if you aren’t pregnant and your period is late? The only logical explanation is the hormonal disorder. The bleeding appears outside of menstrual cycle, which is more or less large, we will exclude some other conditions here, are a sign that you have a disorder with hormones.

Puberty – an important event in life

This is a time when a person becomes sexually mature. A big physical and mental changes occur in the young person’s life. Endocrine glands are by their function closely connected, and puberty is important because its appearance has a lot of to do with the function of hormones.

Fat tissue as endocrine organ

Fat tissue has a really important role in this aspect of the proper functioning of the body. Every person needs a fat tissue so that puberty can hit. It is proven fact that overweight girls early enter puberty stage than overweight boys. So, fat tissue, or some part of it, has a significant influence on the beginning of the puberty and further on the hormonal development of the woman.

Syndrome of polycystic ovaries occurs in puberty

This is one of the most frequent causes of menstrual cycle disorder. This syndrome hits between 8 – 12 percent of women and more than 50% are overweight. Polycystic ovaries disturb normal way of life and can bring to sterility.

The connection of endocrine glands

The work of all endocrine glands is closely connected, and the leading role has hypothalamus, part of the brain that commands them all and hypophysis is under the hypothalamus. A small gland which is located at the base of the brain and in some way monitors the work of other glands. This is a fine and subtle mechanism of influences, and we can’t say that everything has been researched in that field.

First line of treatment: regulating a diet and regular physical activity

Since we have all the fact and we know that reducing a body weight regulates polycystic ovaries condition. While we are running, we increase the sensitivity on insulin and with that we improve the metabolism of fats. Further we regulate the syndrome of polycystic ovaries and establish normal activity of hormones and menstrual cycle.Simple solutions aren’t always easy ones. To conclude, running as aerobic activity leads to a reduction of body weight, which significantly influences on normal work of women’s sex hormones. You would agree that running is one of the simplest and most natural approaches here.