Excessive Promotion Of A Healthy Life

Excessive Promotion Of A Healthy Life

Modern society is intensively promoting and advertising healthy way of living and many activities to strengthen your wellness in order to provide you with high quality and long lasting life. But has it ever occurred to you that there is a fine line between being cautious and responsible about your health and becoming obsessed and deeply troubled by the idea of wellness on the other hand?The society nowadays praises healthy eating and lifestyle it can be very hard to recognize the thin line between being conscious about wellness and slowly sliding into psychological illness.

Healthy eating as a start-up point

Eating healthy is solid foundation for being healthy and hardly anyone can question that. Every doctor and nutritionist will advise you to watch the amount of food you eat per day, choose wisely the ingredients of your average meal and focus your diet on fruits, vegetables, grains, low fat food and a lot of fluids. But the problem emerges when an excessive promotion takes place.

Media as a source of excessive promotion

Commercials and all kind of advertisements are bombing us all over the place with stories about tested nutrition, organic food and media is full of controversial stories about connection between food we eat and various diseases potentially linked to consumption of that food.

Becoming anxious and “burdened” with a healthy lifestyle

The atmosphere applied to many emotionally labile people, created by the media and television, can easily push some of them over that edge of healthy approach into being obsessed and anxious about the idea of eating healthy and clean food.

A pathological need for being healthy

Most of these people are not obsessed by their own image and perception of their bodies and weight. They tend to develop this dangerous intensive need to eat healthy and pure food and to be sure in every moment that what they eat is doing strict good to their health.

A classic obsessive compulsive behavior

These people have twisted reasonable, wise approach to a diet into pathological fixation of the idea of being healthy. Their normal and approved responsible perception of nurturing became deformed at some point and turned into typical model of obsessive compulsive behavior.

Orthorexia – an eating disorder

Experts call this orthorexia. Official classification of psychiatric diseases doesn’t recognize orthorexia as a separate illness, it belongs to so called “other types of eating disorders”. At the core of personality of people who suffer orthorexia there is usually either anxious disorder or depression. Sometimes, orthorexia emerges from some other form of eating disorder, such as anorexia or bulimia.

Eating as the centre of life

The intensive desire and need to maintain “healthy image” are so strong that they provoke anxiety if not satisfied. Sometimes you will hear these people being worried about their weight or body shape, but usually they are recognised as a profile of a customer entering the restaurant and spending huge amount of time asking tons of questions about the quality of food being served. The mere process of eating becomes the centre of their attention and activities, as well as the source of huge pressure and anxiety.

Control as the root of problem

Most of eating disorder experts and psychiatrists agree that this illness is based on patients’ deeply rooted need to establish some sort of control and safety in rather uncertain outside world, but eventually losing the control even over their nutrition, often not even realizing that.
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