Staying Healthy

Nowadays it’s hard to find a good advice related to fitness that will help you. People read all sort of things and in some of them, they believe blindly, while the others have become the rules we must comply. But what are the myths and what is truth?

Fitness exercises as food for body and soul

Fitness has become widely familiar and accepted as a mean to improve your body and make it perfect. But, have you ever noticed that even if you comply all the rules of fitness, you can’t seem to make designed results.

Surely, you avoided carbs when the night falls, and you spent hours on a trade mill, but the results lacked. In the experts’ opinion, lack of time and information can significantly downgrade all your healthy efforts.

Trade mill is not a warranty for progress

Trade mill can be an excellent solution when you have bad weather outside. But, if the sun is shining, you should use a chance to go outside.

If you live in an area where the weather is constantly bad, turn your room into a small and interesting gym, where you can practice multiple exercises. The key to the success is to stay focused and motivated and keep in mind, you can do a good workout outside, without going to expensive gyms.

Squats reduce weight

Squats are the basis of every workout, but they also focus on the lower part of your stomach. If want to lose fat on your stomach, you will have to train hard. The combination of squats and weights can be very effective. If you want to bring to perfection your stomach area, you will need to have a special diet, avoid sugar and intake proteins daily.

Reduce weight by sweating

Workout full of sweat can’t make you lose weight in one day. How much you will be sweating depends on your body temperature, genes, and temperature of the room. Sweating doesn’t mean your workout is intensive, but it is a way for a body to cool down.

No pain – no gain

If you can’t walk normally after a workout, or you can’t sit down, that means you overdid with your workout. Stiffness is a chemical reaction to inflammation, but it isn’t a sign that your muscles are growing.

Body suits can help you lose a weight

A lot of women have stated that after they use a specially designed outfit for sweating, they have noticed progress. Event thought, they weren’t losing fat, but water.

Pay attention to dehydration because it can be dangerous and water you threw out must be entered again.

Healthy meals are gluten free

Summer is an ideal time for picnics, so don’t trouble yourself with gluten. Eat healthily and enjoy in the prize that will come for the weekend. Gluten free diets are an illusion if some groceries don’t have gluten, doesn’t mean they are healthy.Carbs have always been the main responsible for the fat. The wrong perception that big night meals are the reason why we put weight has to lead us to great misconception. The main reason why we put some weight, it’s because we are not active. The key to the success is to stay focused and motivated and keep in mind, you can do a good workout outside, without going to expensive gyms.